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reasons for springback of automobile stamping parts and solutions
oct 09, 2020

the springback of automobile stamping parts is due to improper technology and unreasonable mold structure, resulting in insufficient plastic deformation of materials in the deformation zone. to solve this problem, we must first adopt a reasonable process to improve the stress state of the sheet during the forming process, and secondly, it can also be solved by using the rebound angle, the rebound radius, and the mold gap.

in order to ensure that the car does not produce resonance or noise during driving, it is necessary to ensure that the cover has a certain rigidity requirement. under the condition that the structural size and shape of the cover are not changed, the greater the plastic deformation during the stamping and forming process, the better the rigidity. it is necessary to ensure sufficient rigidity. in the design, the stretching should be appropriately increased in depth, or the process should be supplemented to increase it. use methods such as stretching ribs, stretching thresholds, and increasing the blank holder force to increase plastic deformation, thereby increasing the rigidity of the stamping parts.